10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Baby Stroller

Before you go ahead and buy a baby stroller, you need to consider several things.


The safety of your baby is of utmost importance. Hence, when you are making a purchase you should discuss on how safe the model is to carry your baby. The stroller should not collapse without any warning while you carrying your child.

It should not have any sharp edges that can hurt your baby. Your child’s fingers can get crushed or pinched badly between metal parts. An easy to find out whether the stroller you are considering to buy meets safety standard is to check whether it is certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).


Seatbelts are a very important safety feature that will protect your baby from shocks and from slipping off. The seatbelt is to be first wrapped around the wraps around the waist, legs, and shoulder of the baby. The seatbelt buckle should not be too tight as it can cause discomfort to your baby.

3. Brakes

Imagine you are taking your stroller down a steep road, how will you be able to control its speed? Hence, you need to buy those strollers that come with brakes. You should test them at the shop before you buy them.

4. Easy to Maneuver

Moving the stroller straight or turning it right or left by using one hand should be done with ease. It will be a lot easier to maneuver a stroller that comes with swivel wheels at front and rear. The height of the stroller’s handle should be at the waist level of the purchase. Alternatively, you can also opt for strollers that come with adjustable handles.

5. Adjustable Seat

Reclining seats or seats that can be laid completely flat are good enough for newborn babies. Your baby may want to sit and sleep throughout its journey on a stroller. If the seat is adjustable enough, he will have a comfortable ride.

6. Protective Covering

It is also important to have a protective cover on your stroller as it can safeguard your child from harmful sun rays, rainfall, and harsh winds. Having a canopy on a stroller will ensure a trouble-free ride for your baby.

7. Storage Compartment

This is one of the must-have features on a stroller. The compartment that lies underneath the stroller is good for carrying various items of your baby such as toys, clothes, diapers, etc.

8. Washable fabric

Things can get quite messy when you carry your child on a stroller. Hence, the fabric of the stroller should be easy to wash. Removable fabric covers can be an added benefit that will help you in cleaning quite easily.

9. Ideal Price for a Stroller

Ideal price for a conventional stroller is 50USD. However, feature-rich models can be availed for 500USD to 1000USD. Car seat stroller frame can be bought for 50USD to 70USD. Usually, the frame does not include the infant car seat. It will cost you about 170USD for a travel-friendly stroller. Lightweight umbrella strollers can be purchased at a cheap price of 10USD. Jogging strollers are available with manifold features. Depending on its features, jogging strollers can cost you 100USD to 200USD. Strollers that can carry two or three babies are available at 150USD onwards.

10. Second-hand Strollers

If you are planning to buy a second-hand stroller, you need to check whether the stroller you wish to buy is able to meet the mentioned above pointers. Check all its features to such as tires and handles to find out whether they are in good conditions or not. If you find anything broken or loose, you will have to consider other options. Many parts of the stroller can be subject to adverse conditions. We keep ours in the garage and it has been kept safe since we had it serviced by a reputable Houston garage door service.